USA Cycling Race

Did the Cat D race today. But at the start I was in my 50x11 at 120 rpm and could not get the watts above 300. It seemed like my trainer was not getting resistance info from Zwift. But as the race progressed and we got to the hill, it felt realistic. Yet I noticed no discernable change in how my Suito felt as the race progressed.
Was there a limit on power? Throttled?
Just prior to the race I did a TrainerRoad warm up in erg mode which worked fine, then shut down TR and started Zwift, joined the event and was transported to the start line.
Maybe I should have deselected erg on TR before quitting the app?

If you shutdown TR before starting Zwift, you should have been fine. I often run both simultaneously, finish a TR session, shut TR down and then turn on the Controllable trainer in Zwift w/no hiccups.

You could try power cycling your trainer in the future to make sure it is not connected to anything. Lastly, if using BLE, turn it off and then back on. If using ANT+, remove the dongle and reinsert it.