Uploading to Strava

(S SackersRecycling) #1

how do i automatically download each zwift ride to my strava premium account

(Scott) #2

Hi David - to connect your Strava account to automatically upload your rides and tee up your 2 month Strava Premium bonus, log into your dashboard at zwift.com and navigate to Settings > Connections. 

See you out there!

(C. Choinacky) #3

Do I need a Premium Strava account for my rides to upload?

(Scott) #4

Hi David - your Zwift rides will upload to Strava as long as you connect your Strava account regardless of whether it’s Basic or Premium. 

(Charlie SMoya) #5

Can I upload a old swift activity to Strava?

(Paul Allen) #6


Yes, you can find them on your PC in \documents\Zwift\activities or here: https://my.zwift.com/ and manually upload them.