Uploading rides to Strava

(Kevin S (cyclingascents.com)) #1

I saw after my first ride that there was an option to connect Zwift rides to Strava - I’ve done that now, but wondered if there was a way to get my first ride (done before the connection) over to Strava after the event?

(Eric Vlaanderen) #2

Yes. Go to {{your Documents location in Windows}}/Zwift/Activities.

Example c:\users\JensV\Zwift\Activities

There you will find the .fit files from your rides. Use Strava’s file-upload feature to upload that file.

Make sure to not check “stationary trainer” when uploading, or you won’t get the map or segments.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

If you go into your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder you should see a fit file from your previous ride that you can manually upload.

Additionally you’ll soon be able to download old fit files directly from the zwift website.

(Jürgen Strauss) #4

No ride uploaded to Strava and no folder Zwift\Activities.  No fit files saved.  The rides are registered on the app.  Any more relevant instructions?