Upload issues

Hi I’m using Apple TV and tacx neo2 with Samsung s9+ android phone with the companion app running when I’m done my ride I end my ride and then it uploads to zwift via app companion to the cloud yesterday when I ended my ride and uploaded it I checked it and said ride still in progress even though i was done and to check back later under my Activities I never seen that before and were usually says Wahtopia for my ride i just did it says “todays date” on my ride I just did was there a delay in the cloud? Usually its automatic but like I said when I clicked on it it said still in progress and to check back later I went back down stairs and eventually I could see my route power and cadence heart rate zone ect. Did I not wait enough time to upload usually its automatic. Please help

Hi @MIKE_GUIZZO, welcome to the forums. Most likely you had a network error or drop in wifi at the end of your ride when it tried to save. Unfortunately there is no way to fix it or retrieve the ride if it failed to upload to Zwift servers. Also, you may already do this, but most users of Apple TV force close the Zwift app after every ride rather than just minimizing it to the background. This seems to help clear out any issues and strange bugs.

No wifi drop it said the session was in progress still even when I was done? It did save but I got the progress still in session notification when I clicked on my ride in the companion app for the first qhile usually its automatic

See Shooj’s response from another thread, most likely it was a network error.

I did use the save button and it did save but when I clicked on my ride to check my metrics power heartrate it said the session was still in progress I have done many times before save the the ride then I can go and check my ride under Activities

I understand you followed the correct procedure, but the fact that Zwift says you are still in an activity is either:

  1. a network error occurred while you were saving
  2. you are logged into multiple devices at the same time, for example logged into your apple TV Zwift app and the Zwift game app on your phone or PC.

I’m always do it the same way I open apple TV then get everything paired up tacx tickr then select my route then let’s go do my ride end the ride save the ride then I can see it under my activities only apple TV and companion app always worked no other devices