Upload fit file to Zwift


Lost my ride - just an ftp test so no biggie as I recorded via crank PM to head unit too-but it does seem odd that Zwift app can’t recover the ride. In fact it saved a splash type page but the ‘activity’ hangs if you try and recover more than the front page stats - so it’s there but not there.

lost 2h+ ride, in which I moved up to next level. Very frustrating check the log using https://zwiftalizer.com/ there is no network issue.Fit file is not corrupted can upload to strava.
Open a ticket support and attached the fit files see if the support is willing to upload it.

Well, let me know :slight_smile:
Standard answer is NOPE.

Maybe the solution could be a ‘limited qtty of *.fit uploads per e.g. month’.

Me too.
Happened last night, my 3R ride, short by 12k.
The Fit files are fine, uploaded to Garmin and look as they should.
Cannot see any real reason why our non corrupted, fully working files that saved just fine onto our PCs from Zwift’s system cannot be used to go towards the aims of the game on Zwift’s system.
This glitch has nothing to do with my internet.
My whole experience after 7 rides so far is that this is quite glitchy and this particular glitch is annoying… I cannot imagine how this experience isn’t a top priority to sort.
Just fix it please, paying for a service and experiencing glitches like this does put me off a bit.

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just happend to me today 2 hrs ride i did not lost internet conection … finish riding put save and exit and the program just freezed i waited 30 min and nothing the fit file was created and uploaded to strava garmin and training peaks but nothing on zwift! man its frustrating to pay for something and dosent work well!!!

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