Upload fail

(Stephen Roche) #1

A recent session failed to upload.  Found the .fit file and uploaded manually to Strava so all’s not lost, but Zwift history now incomplete. I see this is not an isolated problem but I don’t see Zwift offering any solutions.  What is Zwift doing to fix this issue?  What can users do to reduce the occurrence of failed uploads?  This is important.  Please sort it out. 

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Frank, 

Thank you for your feedback. This is a rare issue and we are looking into it. Unfortunately you can’t upload your ride to your Zwift activities at the moment but you will be in future. 

Please be patient and we will get it fixed for you. 

Thank you


7 month ago… is there any solution right now for this issue? 

(Carlos Guevara) #4


(Phil d'Angell) #5

Thanks Frank; I lost WiFi for some reason so the Ride did not save, but your workaround enabled me to upload it to Strava!

(Scott Hyde (HRR)) #6

Only half of my morning ride saved and did not upload to Strava.  How can I capture this ride?

(Albert S. Corporaal) #7

+1 When is it possible to upload a ride to your Zwift activities?

(Carlos Heil (IMLP 2018)) #8

+1 Happened today with me. This was first reported almost 2 years ago! Any progress???

(Matthias Scholze (Sisu Tri) 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻🏃🏻‍♂️) #9

 End of Feb 2018, is there any progress in this issue??

(H erosCityVelo) #10

This is really frustrating. It seems to be happening more and more. This morning it was saving and some how dropped out on my ipad.

(. CTb.. [ZESP]) #11

Any progress??

(Maretha Bezuidenhout) #12

happened to me this morning. Found the file by clicking zwift logo 3 x, now how do I get it into zwift?

(Paul Allen) #13


Right now there is no way to manually upload .fit files to Zwift.