Uphill running

Would love to see a running route with some serious incline and look & feel of hills.

Both for incline running and workouts.

Why not cut Road to Sky, to the last 10K as a running route.

What’s wrong with doing road to sky? The first part can be a warmup. (Says everyone usually when us riders want a shortcut).

Or you can do u-turn at start of road to sky and run up the epic KOM?

Here’s a solution. Set your treadmill off on it’s own (unless you’re using a footpod) and let it get you to where you want to start.
Stop the treadmill.
Go to pairing screen and switch to cycling.
Skip the pairing and you’ll be at your chosen start point on a bike.
Now switch back to running mode and pair your treadmill.
You now be at your starting point with all the counters reset.