Upgraded to Elite Suito 2 weeks back, did some spindown calibration, but it feels a lot tougher to ride even flats now

I’ve been using TacX Vortex Smart the last 6 months or so and decided to upgrade to direct drive trainer, found an used Elite Suito, so been using that for last 2 weeks. First few rides were great, a huge upgrade and was enjoying it.

Decided to calibrate using the Elite app, and since then, even my ‘easy’ rides on the flats where total elevation over an hour ride not going above 200 ft, it feels a lot tougher of a ride somehow. Like, my legs should not feel this fatigued on my ‘recovery’ rides where I ride the Fuego Flats with not much elevation. Last few rides I’ve noticed I’m barely clocking 150W at times when I’m going 20mph on a flat and even while climbing 3-5% grades, I’m hardly breaching 200W. I know the wheel on trainers can be iffy, but I had finally reached a point with the Vortex where the output felt realistic going up hills and such.

I tried calibrating again last weekend and still the same. Is there a way to ‘reset’ calibration to factory setting? I was fine with the setup when I got it and wonder if I can revert my own calibration settings.

I’m 35, 5’6", 148lbs, FTP somewhere between 200-215W (haven’t done a test in a few months). I’ve averaged 100 mi a week mostly on Zwift since January.

I doubt there is a way to go back to factory calibration, the spindown calibration need to be done regularly to keep the trainer power readings accurate.

A calibration procedure for the hometrainer that takes into account all friction values that change over time and during use that influence brake’s accuracy and compensates its effects on the resistance generated by the hometrainer.

If you use ANT+ make sure to use the FE-C option for power source and for controllable.