Upgraded on a TTT

I have been upgraded from B to A today following a TTT? I thought the rules were that you couldn’t be upgraded on a TTT?

Why not?

If you can do more than 4w/kg for 20 min then you are a A cat racer. No matter in what event you are.

I guess because you have long periods of recovery so are actually doing short bursts? That was my understanding but I could be wrong?

It is average over 20min. So in a normal race you also do short burst.

Thanks, I’ll have to double check my facts in that case! Do you know if the upgrading is based on a number of races? And if so how many? Thanks for your help!

Zwiftpower use the best 3 races in 90 days.


I’m not sure where you’ve got this from. Are you perhaps thinking of the way that WTRL will automatically reclassify your team if you have accidentally entered the wrong start pen? And WTRL have very different rules about the different classes for their TTTs, including mixing of different categories together with limits on how many of a higher cat you can have.