(David Kendall (WSR)) #1

Can we please have a timer on the update bar, just saying updating does not tell me anything. At the moment I am just sitting here looking at a bar not knowing how long its going to be finished.

(David Kendall (WSR)) #2

20 minutes so far and still showing updating.


(Jon Mayfield) #3

Hey David, looks like you’re on a version of our updater from 2-3 years ago.  If you go to zwift.com and click download, it’ll download our setup program.  Running that will bring your updater program up to the version we released in 2017.  Don’t worry, it won’t redownload the whole game, it’ll grab just the latest updater.


(David Kendall (WSR)) #4

okay thanks, getting cold


(David Kendall (WSR)) #5

Thanks all okay now, was having a bad morning sensor batteries failing and was getting cold.