'Updating' bar never moves, app not launching

After months without a trainer I am keen to get back on Zwift but cannot get it to launch.
Here is what I have tried in order:

Fresh Zwift install, it does so then downloads updates which then never manage to update - says ‘updating’ but car does not move

Fresh Win 10 install, deleting all files and apps

Fresh Zwift install again, same result

The app itself is shown using CPU, Memory and writing to disk, but that ‘Updating’ bar never moves.

This appears to be linked with OneDrive.

Finally managed to sort it and launch Zwift by pausing OneDrive, restarting Zwift and doing the update.

Now every time I want to do anything with Zwift I am back to pausing OneDrive. Zwift set NOT to startup with windows, not to update in background.