Updates to our 3rd Party API Progress (ZwiftPower, CVR, ZwiftGPS)

(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters! Here’s an update to our 3rd Party API progress, presented by our very own Wes Salmon, Senior Product Manager at Zwift! 

"Happy Monday Zwifters. I have some news on progress we have made to help re-enable some of the Zwift community built tools and services. Today we enabled a data sharing opt-in settings via your Zwift profile to allow you to grant data access to ZwiftPower.com, CVR and ZwiftGPS.

By opting into data sharing, you will be sharing your performance, profile, event data, gender, country, weight, height, name, and heart-rate with these services. This data may appear publicly for others to see and evaluate on the services you choose to share data with.

Important Note: These opt-in options are the first step to bringing these services back online. There is additional work ongoing which will take a little more time before these services are fully functional again.

Each of these timelines may be different so please be patient as each of these groups work to enable their services within our new data sharing framework.

The new opt-in UI is available at https://my.zwift.com/ via the Edit Profile --> Connections menu.

Ride On! :biking_man:‍♂:biking_woman::biking_man:‍♂:biking_woman::dash::dash:"

(Daren) #2

When I opt in to one of these, it’d be better (IMO) for it to go back to https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections rather than dumping me back at https://my.zwift.com/.

I had to keep going back to Settings > Connections to opt in to all three, which is irritating.

(Daren) #3

Also, should it mention that you’re also sharing power data, or does that not come under the GDPR definition?