Updates affecting race entry

Maybe it is just me but entered the 18.30 wandering flats race last night earlier in the afternoon, checked my Zwift install did not need updating at 5 pm and checked the companion app 15 mins before to check it was not telling me to update, and yet when it came to entering the race at 18:25 Zwift crashed after getting through the main login screen and going to join the race. Restarted computer, Zwift updates and I miss the race. This is not the first time it has happened either, getting really frustrating.

yes Zwift have a bad habit of dropping zwift updates right before peak EU ride times. I suspect they do it first thing US time when they have most support available but it can cause problems with rides if something goes wrong.

There really isn’t a great time to drop an update. If they drop the update early morning UK time, if something is broken, it will take longer to fix since most employees are located in the US.


Yep, commonly it’s 9-10am PDT.

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