(Test Runner) #1

(Eric Min) #2

We don’t have that figure but I spotted Andrew Starykowicz yesterday. He’ll be out again tonight!

(Joe G) #3

For long rides the Texas Hell Week event has 200k and 300k rides. The claim to fame is if you can do all 8 days of the 100 mile rides. :wink:

I have done it only one year, the weather in Texas for Spring break was hot and we had no rain. :wink:

(Kyle Polansky) #4

I would love to do an Ironman, but right now money is my biggest issue. I’m trying to save up, and I’ll probably do one in a year or 2. This first one I’d aim just to complete, rather than race or aim for a “good” time. The bike and run seem like they would be manageable, but I think the swim would be pretty difficult (I have a strong running background and been biking a lot lately, but my longest swim workout has only been 2000yds). I was thinking about doing an Ironman-distance triple-brick workout sometime, but it’s not quite the same as completing an M-Dot race.

(Casey Schumm [X]) #5

I’m not officially in the IM club but I have done a few 1/2’s and train for full endurance events. Every year I’m doing multiple 100+ mile rides, marathons, & ultra marathons. IM is on my list in the next couple years.

(Shawn DeBoer) #6

I saw Starky on Zwift this week as well and rode with him for a bit. Of course, he was pedaling with one leg and putting out a paltry 3 w/kg. He put in a 4 hr Zwift ride today according to Strava, easy pace.

(.. An Iron NFLDer) #7

IMMT will be my first full.  5 months from now!

I’m game for long trainer rides on sat or sundays

(anon18154799) #8

I’m doing IM TX in May, so I’m doing both long trainer rides and road rides. I’ll be on for about 3.5 hours tomorrow starting at around 5 AM.