Since updating laptop/desktop app yesterday I’m having major problems (lost connection twice during ftp builder). Connecting to ble heart monitor and panobike today impossible after trying for 45minutes (both checked with different app and both are working fine then disconnected). I’m using high spec Microsoft surface pro laptop and Samsung S5 / S7 . I have now un-installed desktop app and mobile app from devices to re-install and see if that fixes what ever issues there is. Please advise

Hey Dan,

I stumbled on your issue, and I’m having similar problem with my panobike HRM.  I’m in the process of sorting this out with Zwift and thought I would direct you to my case so you can follow along and find something that may help.

To help you find it the subject line is “Topeak Panobike Bluetooth Heart rate monitor connection” and ticket #62663.


@Ray: tickets are private, so no one else can see what’s being worked on there except you and the agent.

@Dan: I’m creating an email ticket for you so we can troubleshoot with you further.

We’re not aware of any new issues from any updates, so if you’re having a similar problem, please submit a ticket, and we’ll troubleshoot with you individually.