Update on results based ranking, Zwift score etc. etc. etc.?

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Rather than your hunch based on a number you’ve never seen, give the latest DC Rainmaker podcast a listen.


If peak usage was a Tuesday with 45k of (concurrent) users, and WTRL are saying there are 20k users racing ZRL on a Tuesday, that to me anyway - points to that 10% figure being a very specific way of looking at the user count & usage.

the client tells you how many people are currently ingame and riding*, ya donut. though 80k is definitely optimistic

*there’ll also be people in worlds that arent currently globally active (ie: group events and races, climb portal stuff etc). anyway, 500k-1m unique users “per month” sounds about right to me.

Pretty sure, shortly after new years. How about instead of “go listen to a podcast” you give a short synopsis.

and while i respect dcr for his contributions, and even some of his personal opinions, regarding power meters, power data, and virtual racing, i think his speculation regarding the wider virtual cycling industry is more or less up there with that guy on wall street bets who famously posted “it literally cannot go t*ts up”

i think the racing community, myself included, were and continue to be very justified in our frustrations at zhq when it comes to what seem like they should be basic things regarding racing implemented, but i also understand entirely that the one salty staff member from way back who dropped the “you guys are low priority” brick on our collective heads wasn’t just saying that because he was having a bad day at work. that was probably only like 35-40% of the reason he said that at most

do i think there’s a market for virtual racing? yeah, there is. people will compete in anything and everything. but you’re gonna need to get more people in through the door, no way around it. you don’t have to like the idea of it, you just have to do it. zwift, having used the prospect of virtual cycling as a competitive endeavour as a selling point for a long time now, don’t seem to be particularly interested in floating that one out there anymore. you, whoever is dumb enough to read any of this, may feel some type of way about it. i, a person who racks up more time doing zwift races a year than most people rack up hours on a bike period, definitely feel some type of way about it

but that’s how it goes


43,335 on 23 Jan 2024.

The Companion App will show the number of people currently on Zwift. If you’ve got a screenshot and a time for your 80,000 then that would be great but otherwise you’re claiming nearly twice as many people were on Zwift than the usual peak numbers which people have been following for a few years now.


Sorry I don’t take screenshots of companion app numbers for posterity. It’s entirely possible I am mistaken but I recall seeing huge numbers shortly after new years.

You think 5% of all subscribers were on at one time?

Well the numbers he quotes come directly from a trusted source at zwift, which is a hell of a lot more believable than the completely random conjecture on here, like saying that 80,000 people have been on the platform at the same time, which is absolute nonsense.

I’m well aware how you see concurrent users (even easier on the companion app). I’m also well aware of what peak concurrent zwift users have been over the last 5 years.

7 years of stats


You sure are mad about this. Did you miss the sentence you quoted where I said I could be mistaken?

Also completely irrelevant to the subject at hand.

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oh, i aint listening to that crap. i don’t doubt his numbers either, just his interpretation of them. tldr: the platform is probably fine, virtual racing needs some love and doesnt get enough of it. no conjecture needed, since we’ve all been living it for 5-9 years now. same old program

Really sad to see that about Flint; I always liked to see his updates. I thought he was really good at communicating in what must have been a tough role.

I think he and the team should be proud of the work they did on Category Enforcement. I find racing so much more enjoyable now than it was a couple of years ago.


it’s true, it used to be a whole lot worse. practically speaking, i think CE is worse than the legacy cats in real world day to day terms, but the system itself is more or less sound. i just don’t like that it’s opaque to most (not to me, but to most) and unintuitive. i think i’ve spent more time on these forums writing about CE than anything else in the last two years, and it’s really the last thing i ever wanna be talking or thinking about.

it took them a year and a half to put together a faq that i can point people towards, and even now that it exists, i still have to tell them where to go and find it, since it’s buried in some submenu of the website where nobody will ever see it

i’d be talking some real BS if i said it wasn’t better than it used to be though. i do, and will continue to appreciate, any actual love anyone shows to the racing community

@Bath_Salts someone linked me the first ever zp race a while ago btw. you were in the results. i thought… damn… he a real one


Is that why we are compelled to tow him around for all eternity


it was like 9 years ago too. that’s two years before DCR even found out how to open windows calculator and zwift at the same time without crashing the game client


No. I mean if you had just taken a guess, it would have been fine. But when you said with certainty you had seen over 80,000 users multiple times, defended that statement when challenged, and then inferred from that a load of things about the userbase, it’s super frustrating. If you’re not sure about something, say that, or double check first.

It’s half the problem with these discussions and probably why zwift themselves avoid getting involved. Rubbish is chucked out there without anyone actually testing or validating what they are saying.

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oh cool, what race was it do you have link for it @S_A_Cestria_CC ?

lol @Paul_Southworth yes you must tow the king, for all Eternity +