Update on results based ranking, Zwift score etc. etc. etc.?

Yup, he’s been a D for a long time

Companion says B now, saw this rider smash the D field in the 1710 BST on Monday via zwiftpower.

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Mine says D wife rode in D today with him

Using Companion app, unfortunately you can sign up to events weeks ahead and you can still take part despite a pen promotion.

Another crazy decision by ZwiftHQ regarding Category Enforcement.

They have been a D since January

The numbers I’m seeing from your post don’t really make sense. If zFTP were 195 then he couldn’t be B, and 3.94W/kg 20 min @ 87kg would be 342W so I wouldn’t expect a zFTP that low. Unless the ZwiftPower data is stale or wrong or there’s been weight manipulation. If you think there’s a bug, email zwiftpower@zwift.com and ask them to take a look.

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Look up Alexander Blatz in the Companion app, they are now B unless my eyesight is bad! :wink:

Not the same guy

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Email sent

Best guess would be a category reset by Zwift around 2-3 weeks ago, probably due to a trainer miscalibration.

His last four races in Cat D, since reset, are not impressive, a large drop in power and no noticeable drop in heart rate.

If this is a category reset by Zwift shame they don’t also reset his ZP 90 day details.

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Sorry Jason, was reading this in bed without my glasses on last night, thought you were writing about Blatz, rather than Caruso.

Like Ian said in previous post, there’s a huge change in power numbers downwards in recent weeks, a turbo replacement or repair (maybe a huge calibration reset) immediately spring to mind that ZwiftHQ have allowed the rider’s pen to be reallocated.

It’s awfully messy though, leaving those old higher numbers from within the past 90 day timeframe.

So @shooj buddy, was just idly wondering what the current state and roadmap was for Zwift Racing Score and results based rankings as a whole?
This article coming up to a year old Zwift Racing Score Launched | Zwift Insider

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i’d quite agree i suspect whatever comes from zwift on ZRS will be inferior to ZRA at first.

If zwift allowed ZRA to integrate with zwift and direct signup from companion then i’d quite agree we don’t need ZRS but zwift seem determined to do their own thing rather than use/recreate ZRS in house.

We’ve waited a year since it was announced with the project manager gone. Hopefully extra money might focus some minds at zhq to start delivering what users want but I’ll believe it when i see it. :man_shrugging:

Couple that with full results available for all racers that enter a race - either in an improved Zwiftpower or in Zwift itself with the associated metrics and 90% of racers would be over the moon.

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there are many community resources that would do things for free that would enhance the platform but rarely do they get given any sort of access to do so.


Pen enforcement should be an open API that supports multiple categorization systems, including those operated by third parties. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


Not that you would know without careful inspection of events, but ZwiftHQ officially supports at least five custom pen allocation systems and has done for almost a year! :rofl:

Go on @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn , give us some custom pens suitable for the approx 6-13min Tiny Races! :upside_down_face:

I thought that was a nice development (though I believe the information is out of date) but it requires manual labor by the events team and isn’t remotely like an API where an operator of a category system like zwiftracing.app could integrate with pen enforcement and say “Gold or lower required for this pen”, or have WTRL enforce pen entry to events based on being registered with a team that has signed up for the series, or have FRR enforce pen entry for riders who have registered for the series, or have Tiny Races enforce pen entry based on completing the previous event, etc.