Update (1/15/19) No HUD in screenshots for Mac/PC


(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters,

Update #2
Now fixed. See Zwift Game Release: Guest World

Update #1
Hey all, we should be getting an update to the screenshots very soon. Hopefully in a near update! Of course if things don’t go to plan I’ll let you all know, but this bug has been worked on. :slight_smile:

Due to a bug, we have disabled the HUD from showing up in your screenshots on Mac/PC. I will keep everyone posted if there are any updates on the situation. Thank you for being patient with us!

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I have only clean screenshot, why?
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(Daren) #2

Any news on this? It’s very annoying.

Also should have been caught by your automated test suite before being released into the wild. :wink:

(R Steiger) #3

Yea, getting pretty old at this point

(Mark Spoon) #4

I have the same issue. Frustrating I can not capture the ride stats at the end of the ride.

Zwift, anything new to report on the issue?

(Sam Duncan [Enduro]) #5

I think Zwift is underestimating the value of this. We don’t need new maps, we need this functionality, please roll back the last update until it is actually ready for release and give us this feature back.

(Markus) #6

To be honest, I really like the new, clean screenshots. I have the stats of the ride in the companion app and on Strava, so I don’t need to capture them. And now I can take screenshots while riding casually and I don’t have to smash the pedals to make the screenshots look more dramatic at 500W or so.

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #7

The problem is, we also do not get screenshots of ride reports and scoreboards anymore, since these are just elements as well. These are missed by a lot of people.

(. Erlendur S. Th.) #8

What Markus said.

I was doing an annual ride today and pressing F10 did nothing at the end of the ride since if Image Uploading is set to Never then the key is just disabled. Once I had figured out why that was then I only get clean pictures so even if the key had been working at the end of the ride then I would only have gotten a picture of myself on my bike and not the summary.

Zwift, please fix this before 31 Dec 2019. :wink:

(Jason) #9

Anything? Anything at all?

(Vinnie Vedecci) #10

I have the current version of Zwift for Win10 and the current iOS companion app and screenshots do not capture screen data as it used to. Any eta of this getting fixed?

(Nathan G Race3 R) #11

Yes this is really annoying not to be able to take a screenshot of the ride report or results table for a month now. Why is this taking so long to fix???

(Wendy Nelson 🇬🇧🇿🇦) #12

Vincent - what is the target date for resolving this issue?

(Tobi Scheller ) #13

Hi Vincent, is there a timeline to enable the HUD data again? Or maybe to implement the option to decide between clean and HUD screenshots?

(Vincent) #14

Hey all, we should be getting an update to the screenshots very soon. Hopefully in a near update! Of course if things don’t go to plan I’ll let you all know, but this bug has been worked on. :slight_smile:

(Jochen) #15

how long is it gonna take to correct this bug?
(no screenshots possible in the companion app)

(Milan Rost) #16

I world like to have the option screenshot with/without HUD (my favourite is without…).

(Daren) #17

I’m not at home to test, but it sounds like HUDs are back in screenshots with today’s update.

  • Screenshots now can optionally include the on-screen HUD on PC and Mac (iOS/AppleTV already had this feature). You can toggle the HUD per shot at the end of your session on the save screen.

(Jim Mattson) #18

Both a HUD screenshot and a clean screenshot appeared in my Pictures\Zwift folder after my ride this morning, but at the end of the ride, I was only given the choice of the HUD screenshot for uploading.

(Daren) #19

That sounds like a bug that should be posted on Jon’s thread.

(. Erlendur S. Th.) #20

Finally fixed today: Zwift Game Release: Guest World