UPDATE 1.0.27304

Since this update the phone app and the PC game displays aren’t the same in the ‘Warm-up’ section of custom workouts - the PC display shows a smaller increment increase than on the app. Also, the ‘control loop’ seems to be slower in response - prior to this update the erg mode would take 10s to stabilise, this is now 20-30s - can this change be reversed? 



While we have recently released a new version for Macs and PCs, we’re still waiting on our iOS version to release; that should be happening in the next few days. Until then, it’s the information on your iOS version of Zwift that should be showing inaccurately, but it won’t for long.

Where are you noticing these control loop issues occur - your PC or your iOS version of Zwift?

The control on the PC , as this is my primary display for riding. To tell the truth I didn’t notice anything on the Android device, except the different display in the warm up section.