Upcoming guarantued crashes at Alpe at next Tour de Zwift?

I thought that’s kinda what I said… that the fix was in so you could complete the event, but not for riding around after the finish.

Are people who do continue to ride after the completion banner, and getting the crash still getting their TdZ event recorded as completed with whatever stats go along with?

Just confirming that switching to camera 8 after reaching the summit has worked for me, too.
Am currently cycling down the Alpe glitch-free using a 2018 iPad Pro. :tada:
Thanks for reminding us of that, Mike.

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Camera view 5 also worked without any crash. I’m using Apple TV.


Friday 14 of January, Tour de Zwift stage 2 on ATV 4K…

My wife’s about to start the ride this morning using Apple TV and will change the camera view after finishing the event but before descending to see if that works. Will report back in a couple of hours…

Wishing her well, Kevin.
Here’s a breakdown of what worked for me earlier:
I stopped pedalling as soon as I went through the Alpe arch and got the spinner, which is a little way before the TdZ blue finish line. (Didn’t really care about my stage time; not racing. Probably could have stopped after the TdZ finish line, but wasn’t taking any chances in this precarious situation. :sweat_smile:)

Changed to camera 8 (helicopter view) and used the opportunity to change to a heavy TT bike with heavy aero wheels for a super-fast descent.

Started pedalling again and went through the stage finish line and then the Alpe arch for the second time, changing back to camera 1 when all was safe for all the sweet, sweet downhill XP at break-neck speeds. :sunglasses: :ride_on:

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Thanks for the explanation, Roule. She’s up to turn 8 already! This will be her 37th time up the Alpe, would you believe. She was delighted to hear that she should be able to switch back to camera 1 for her descent!


6pm Eastern time stage, Up and down no problem. I did change the camera view at the top.
ATV 4K and Tacx Neo 2.

That seems to be the answer. It worked for my wife - same set up as Ellie - ATV 4K with Tacx Neo 2T. She switched to camera 8 after passing through the event banner (after the regular finish arch), and then switched back to camera 1 once on the descent, which she’s currently enjoying. She got a PR for the Alpe, too! Thanks to everyone for their advice and assistance.


Crashed for me on iPad this morning. Same happened for my friend on ATV yesterday—had no idea this was a known glitch. Fortunately I could restart and save before riding again. Very disappointed though. Worked hard up the alpe and was looking forward to my first ride down it.

Hi, want ride it at 6am Sunday morning. So you say it will work if I switch to camera 8 when I have crossed the banner (regular finish line) and not before. Must I switch again to the normal view or can I go down the hill also in camera 8 view? Thanks for your comments

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I went through the first banner and changed my camera. Rode to the second (finishing banner) with the camera changed until I started downhill and changed it back to what I wanted.

I don’t know if this solves the problem or was just luck, but it worked.

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Switched to 8 right after the Alpe banner, then back to 1 after I started the descent. No problems for me.
Good luck tomorrow Thomas.

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Same thing happened to me this evening going over the top of the Alpe on stage 2 TDZ, Apple TV crashed. Zwift you can do better than this.

Yep, it crashed here as well. But what was more annoying was all the connection drops that started about a 1/4 of the way up the mtn where it would show my cadence immediately dropping to 25-30 for a few seconds before immediately going back up to 70+. When watching the avatars, it appeared numerous people were having the same issue and I also saw several riders stop all together. From my experience, it just seems like Alpe du Zwift is plagued with issues during events.

I can re-re-re-re-re-re-reconfirm that this bug is not fixed for tour du Zwift. I knew about it, and the work/around with camera view, but it’s been so long since I rode the alpe I figured SURELY Zwift had fixed it by now…. Lol - I’m sure it will be fixed zoon….

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Even the camera 8 workaround didn’t work for me. Changed the view before the banner.
So it´s a “roll the dice” workaround and it´s not sure that it works. My hardware is a 2017 Apple TV 4k.