Upcoming guarantued crashes at Alpe at next Tour de Zwift?

This is from another thread on the whole AdZ issue:

I don’t think u turns are permitted at the top of the Alpe.
I think I tried once to no effect.
I’ll have to go back and try now.

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the only possibility at the moment is to exit the event just after the finish line and doind the descent as free ride outside the event. the glitch should not happen…

No way they would plan a major stage event knowing the road might be out!
The UCI would never approve. I hope the repair is done in time, if not this event should make them more aware. This crash has been going on for over a year.

I have had a few Alpe climbs recently without the normal crash on the top circle. The only thing different was I selected the Watopia world first. Normally I would just let the default world load prior to the race and then have the software transfer me over when my event was starting.

This has worked 3 times I think but not sure if it was pre selecting the world or just luck.
Prior to that I had many Alpe crashes on the top loop after going thru the banner, usually when the “camera” view pans out to the overhead view looking down on the rider.

Good luck to all. If the road goes out again you won’t be alone at the coffee shop.

I did this twice yesterday because there is no need to do the extra loop at the end, that’s just needless kilometres. I had no issues doing the U-turn.

We have fixed this for the Stage 2 TdZ events and will have a client fix for all events utilizing the l’Alpe in an upcoming patch, planned for next week.

Thank you for highlighting. This was due to a bug in how some Apple devices recalculated the visuals of the descent once doing the loop at the top of the l’Alpe.


Yet people are reporting crashes at top of ADZ on stage 2. I dont understand why a known bug allowed to stay unpatched this long and to remain for TDZ course. Why not use Ven Top instead for long route if it couldnt be fixed.

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Sorry first time doing tour and didn’t read this first. Zwift just crashed out after I completed stage 2. Can you assist?

Jay Ladieu

See above, Zwift will solve the issue in the update next week.

You know, when Stage 2 is finished… Hard not to be sarcastic…

Cheers, didn’t fully catch the fix after the stage is complete.


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I’m understanding this to say they have only fixed the TdZ events on the alpe for now, and will fix all other events that use the alpe next week… however, sounds like it wasn’t fixed for stage 2 anyway?

Yeah, looks like it. :unamused: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I’m doing the TdZ Alpe later today carrying some end of year extra ballast. Not looking forward to that. Looking even less forward to seeing fellow riders being disappointed and having their rides spoiled by this bug that has been reported for months.

I read this as that they found the bug, fixed it, got it in the next update scheduled next week, but don’t realize it will affect users doing the TdZ in the upcoming 3 days…

Yes same issue. Kept riding after banner and defaulted to stay in Watopia. Crashed within 1K. On an iPad.

Unfortunately there is still a bug, Mark. I completed stage 2 a few hours ago and just as I was about to start the descent the screen on my Apple TV froze. My companion app continued the descent seemingly as normal. At the bottom I couldn’t save my ride or do anything with the app on the Apple TV had to force quit and restart the ATV. When I logged back into the app it did say there was an unsaved activity, did I want to save it, so luckily I able to do this and have the ride logged. I just had to give it a title.

Did you get the TdZ Stage 2 icon completed in your profile, Kevin? If you had to give the activity a title, I’m curious if the ride is counted as being part of TdZ.

Same happened to me. When I went back in it auto-saved as a nn-event ride in Watopia.

Good question, Roule. Yes, I’ve just checked, both on the Companion app and the website for the TdZ has Stage 2 showing as completed!

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It certainly wasn’t fixed for today’s event. And as much as I like riding the Alpe, I have no intention of riding it again just because the software is full of glitches.