Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [December 2021]

We wanted to make you aware of upcoming changes for older operating systems running the Zwift game app.

Starting December 2021, we will begin deprecating certain operating systems based on industry standard minimums. The following operating systems will be impacted:

  • Windows 7 and 8.
  • macOSX 10.11 and older.
  • iOS 11 and older.
  • Android 6 and older.

MacOS, iOS, and Android deprecation will happen with the December 2021 game release version 1.20.
Win7 & Win8 deprecation to follow in January 2022 with game version 1.21.

Affected Zwifters currently using these operating systems will begin to see messaging in-game, and should also receive notification via email.

The Zwift game app will no longer function on deprecated operating systems.

Many existing devices running older operating systems can upgrade their OS without needing to replace the device. Upgrading your OS will ensure your device is best equipped to run Zwift’s 3D game graphics.

If your existing device is unable to upgrade the OS, Zwift supports a variety of devices and operating systems, it’s likely another device you already own will be able to run Zwift as well. More information on supported devices can be found here.

Additionally, for Apple Watch owners: we are aware that this experience needs upgrades and we are working on a longer term vision for support. In the meantime, the Zwift Game and Companion apps will be removed from the Watch App Store.This means:

  • New users will not be able to install the Zwift Game or Companion apps
  • Legacy users will be able to use the watch apps, but will receive no updates to either app

Additionally, for Apple Watch owners: we are aware that this experience needs upgrades and we are working on a longer term vision for support.

Hopefully the “long term vision” is “Apple watch works for heart rate monitoring in Zwift” :slight_smile:

So, for people that currently have the watch app, and are getting no updates (the legacy case), is the idea that it will keep working as it is (very flaky but at least it works sometimes if you hook up a watch voodoo doll to your bike and put the needles in the right spots - can post a guide if anyone needs it /s), or will a future update to the iOS Phone companion app cut it off so it does not work at all until a “longer term vision” is realized? i.e. Will it completely stop working or keep the current state which might be better than nothing to some folks?

Also, is “longer term vision” something that is a couple months, or further out than that? Mainly asking to see if people who have this issue should go out and ask for a heart rate monitor for xmas, or wait for longer term vision to be realized. My guess is you can’t answer that, but I thought I’d ask anyhow :slight_smile:

Glad to see a fix for it is at least on the roadmap, unfortunate it requires “long term vision” type planning.


You called it, @Anna_Ronkainen

Yikes. :flushed:


Does this impact those who run Zwift on AppleTV in any way?

tvOS isn’t mentioned, so no.

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I propose the term “heirloom potato” for these deprecated setups.


It’s gonna be absolutely terrible on here. :rofl:

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At least those affected should be messaged in game.
But then those in the southern hemisphere with what will have become heirloom potatoes and who’ve paused Zwift during their summer will come back in March 2022 to find themselves SOL…

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Outright removal of the Apple Watch app because you want to come up with a be vision of how to support it is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water. While I did have issues with dropouts earlier this year, my Apple Watch works well now and I would be very displeased to loose it if for what’re reason I needed to reload it. Seems you’d be better off leaving it there until you figure out your new support “vision”.


Does this mean we will get full native apple M1 support? Or at least that we will get some shadows back?


So I hope this works properly and more like apple fitness plus. Basically it doesn’t matter what device your using, whether that be Apple TV or iPad, the watch just connects straight to the device with no companion app on the iPhone.

For example I could do a cycling workout on apple fitness plus on the Apple TV and it would just connect my watch with 0 issues and no input from the iPhone.

Please implement this Zwift, my watch was working flawlessly when I first got it 2 years ago and it’s be finicky for like a year if not longer.

My ride yesterday didn’t even save to apple health!

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It’s funny that they announced this. I was so sick of fiddling with the Zwift companion app on my Apple Watch to get it to connect. I just got the Heartbeatz dongle (that converts Apple Watch to ant+) and it works 100% of the time (well, if you have the ant+ stick on your Zwifting device). It just connects like a chest strap. I just uninstalled the Zwift companion on the watch last week, I hope I won’t need it back as it’s no longer available…

On one hand, I’m glad you guys are finally fixing the Apple watch app that is SO INCREDIBLY bad. It will suck because the Apple Watch is a great and convenient heart rate monitor. What I really dislike about this situation though is that Zwift has used every excuse under the sun before to blame the Apple Watch, Apple themselves, or even the users. “Have you turned off your notifications? Did you sneeze while you were riding? Did the watch move?” No other Apple Watch App behaves as badly as the companion app has. It has ben one of the most frustrating things about Zwift for YEARS and that is saying a lot because Zwift software has so many flaws.



Is there any news or future plan to support Zwift on a ChromeBook?



So after 5 years it has come to an end no more zwift it´s been fun but not much someone can do


just upgrade to Win10.

there is nothing i hate more in this world than win10, not gone happen

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I am guessing you are on Win7 and are going to stick with an OS that no longer is supported by MS, that it not wise. There is nothing wrong with Win10.


Is Windows 8.1 also being dropped?