Unlocked the Tron bike! ...Now what?

(Zak P) #1

One of the things that has motivated me to ride Zwift more frequently since I signed up has been the pursuit of a long term goal of unlocking the Tron bike.  It appealed to me as it is supposed to be the fastest bike in the game and it is cool looking.  After heaps of climbing I finally unlocked the thing! 

Now I’m feeling a little less motivated to get on Zwift as there isn’t any upcoming reward that I find particularly motivating.  I want to put in some kilometres to unlock the level 25 kit but that’s about it.  

Most of the computer games that keep my playing over have both enjoyable gameplay & some long term objectives to keep you locked into regular gameplay. It would be great if Zwift had more to work towards over time.  Right now it looks like after a year and a half of Zwift I’ll be all done with the achievements.   Would be great if there were move areas to unlock, more gear to unlock, perhaps even new worlds to unlock.  …and anything else to keep things interesting… 


(Zak P) #2

Haha… I found one little motivation.  I just unlocked the level 20 jersey and it does not look good at all on my avatar.  I’m going to wear it until I reach level 21.  That’s one reason to get in some extra Zwift miles.

(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #3

Of course there is the Tour of Italy and California.

You can race that new Tron Bike.

(Klem Klemperer! Z TAZ B) #4

Or just use the motivation to get fitter perhaps? (okay so I totally agree, waiting eagerly for levels above the 25 or some other way to use XP to be available)

(Zak P) #5

Klem, I need all the help I can get to ride the trainer some days.  :)


(steve bourgeault) #6

well maybe your biking for the wrong reasons.  those are perks not a reason to bike.


(Ben Liri) #7

Yeah, what’s next after the Tron bike? I’m taking my time, climbing 6k feet or less/week, because I knew after the Tron there will be less motivation. Perhaps they make more NEW routes. I’m sure Swift is years ahead of what’s next to keep the subscribers, @$180/year, very happy.

(Clayton Bigsby) #8

Actual single track off road rides…?:thinking: