unlock specialized Tarmac

(Peter Lin) #1

Anyone know at what level Zwift unlocks specialized Tarmac? Since I have a Tarmac, it would be sweet to have it on Zwift too. I’m level 18 now, how many more miles do I need to log ? :slight_smile:

(Tom Coudyzer (TK.be) B) #2



You need to complete the California challenge.Perhaps you selected no challenge or the mountain challenge

Check the info on titaniumgeek for more info

(Peter Lin) #3

thanks, I see it now. Still have 200miles before I complete CA challenge. I need to log more miles to hit 800.

(Todd Taylor) #4

Maybe the Zwift team could earn a few extra bucks by charging for custom bikes instead of earning them through blood, sweat, and tears :smiley:

(Peter Lin) #5

I like working for custom bikes and other gear with sweat, pain and tears. I’m already paying them monthly to keep up the good work. Plus, buying the custom bike just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like when people cheat in RPG with cheat codes or buy gear they didn’t earn themselves. I prefer to work for it :slight_smile:

(Jochen Leissner) #6

is it possible to change the challenge in and between
from the mountain to the California Challenge?
if yes - what happens to my points that i havealready earned for the mountain Challenge?
do they stay od get lost?


(Kurt Angus RCC) #7

I didnt get the Tarmac when I completed the challenge?


(Jorge Tsukayama) #8

I also did not get the tarmac. Just completed the challenge. 

(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #9

Same here, challenge done, no notification or bike.


(Lindsay Ruppert) #10

Hello everyone!

Thank you for the reports (and tickets) on this issue. We’ve confirmed there is a problem with the reward unlock for the California challenge and we’re looking into a fix right now. We will respond on your tickets if we need any more information, and let you know when a fix comes out.


(Ray Crews) #11

I just finished the California Challenge and did not receive the bike unlock :frowning:

(Tommy Craig - BASE Performance) #12

Following…as I too just completed cali and no ride.  

(Jean-Luc EYRAUD [FRA]) #13

Hi, me too I finished California challenge today and no SPECIALIZED Tarmac. I’m disappointed :triumph: Sniff :cry:. Have you got a solution for unlock this reward ?

(Eric Ladouceur) #14

Just finished California challenge too on March 13th and still no bike.  ETA on fix would be welcomed :wink:

(Kurt Angus RCC) #15

They said this would be corrected in the next update which is the big one we are all waiting on.

(Daniel Speed) #16

Same here, just completed California challenge today 15/3/16 and no tarmac. 

(Lindsay Ruppert) #17

Hello everyone!

We’ve tested a fix for the challenge unlock and it will be included in the next update. Thank you very much for your patience on this issue.

Ride on!

(Barrett Canning) #18

So our bikes will magically appear when the update is completed?  We don’t have to do Cali again do we?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #19

That’s correct. It will magically appear, but you’re always welcome to do the challenge distance again if you’d like!

Ride on!

(Jorge Tsukayama) #20

Hi Lindsay, after the update the Tarmac did NOT appear magically. Please advice. Thanks!