Unlinked in race results.


I completed the hair and hound race today but in the results I have ‘Unlinked’ next to my name.

I did select and join the race before the start and so my jersey changed so i don’t understand why my result doesn’t seem to count.

i can’t find a reference anywhere.

Can anyone tell me why?



I had the same problem last Sunday when I registered for the Mountain Goat Race but was never prompted to “join the event”.  I posted a similar question recently but haven’t received a response.

Me too!!! Same problem!!!

same here. szr evening joy ride. everything was fine during ride. don’t understand.


same here, i have done 3 races, 2 showed no results, one showed unlinked. are there any answers? 

Just had the same thing happen to me this morning.  Did the Kiss Down under race and my results are showing as unlinked.  My Magnus trainer was connected and the ride data uploaded to Strava under the race name, but my results show as unlinked on Zwift Power site. 

You should ask this to ZPower. did you check to if  your Strava data for KISS races are open (not private or hidden).