Uninstalling/reinstalling Companion

I periodically uninstall and then reinstall Companion because it stops being in-synch with Zwift running on my PC laptop. That always fixes the problem but only temporarily. Is there a way to update Companion in order to avoid the uninstall-reinstall that I am doing?
Bill Black

When you say it doesn’t sync do you mean your activities aren’t appearing or is it not bringing up the game menu when you are running Zwift?

Correct. It will not show the ride I’m doing and there is no “game” choice available in the drop-down menu.
Bill Black

And you are 100% certain both are on the same Wifi network?

And the signal strength isn’t dropping?

Yes, absolutely positive.

Anything here help?

No, my signal is very strong and it’s my network. My phone (running Companion) is solid and not connection or dropout issues with anything.

Hi @William_Black

On one of my older phones I had to set a static IP address on the router because the phone for some reason would get a IP that is out of range, it would still look like it is on the same network but it would not be seen on Zwift. The IP fix helped.

It often takes a couple of minutes before my phone goes into Game mode. That indicates it’s on the right network to be found and communicate with the PC but there seems to be some re-try needed? I’ve not experimented with fixed IP addresses for both, but it’s on my to-do list.