Unhandled characteristic KICKR BIKE A02A for "A026E03A-0A7D-4AB3-97FA-F1500F9FEB8B"

I have hundreds and hundreds of this line in my log. I have been having problems in group workouts where I immediately fall to the tail of the pack and seemingly end up tied to whoever is last, especially if they stop pedaling.

I am riding 1-1.5-2W/kg more than those around me and yet drop far from the main group in group workouts, even when I am the ride lead.

Wondering what this code means and whether it has anything to do with my problems in group workouts. I haven’t heard anything back after submitting the log to support days ago.

Did you hear back from Wahoo, any explanation for that line?

not yet. I will prod them again.

I might be wrong but that looks like a communication protocoll. Your bike tries to communicate with your pc/laptop.
Have you tried bypassing ANT via Bluetooth&Companion app or a new ANT-dongle?

This was Bluetooth to my Macbook Pro.