Ungamified mode

(Thomas Walland) #1

I usually ride alone just to stay fit until the outdoor season starts again. Because of that, I’m not really interested in group chats, races, wind-shadows and the items you randomly get when you cross a sprint or the course-marker.

All that introduces randomnes and noise into my lap-counter and thus make it impossible to compare 2 laps on a deterministic level.

It would be great if I can jump into a pure single-player non-arcade mode (although still seeing the other riders, but not affecting each other) to get pure stats for my trainings.

(GARNIER Stephane) #2

Disconnect internet during your ride and you’ll be alone on the road.

(Thomas Walland) #3

Thanks for the hint. That might work yes. I could also create a simple workout that contains only of a free ride or a 2h Z2 session.

But all of that is a workaround and I can imagine that there are a bunch of people that just want to ride and compare their times without any hacks.

A simple simulation mode which deactivated items, wind-shadow and all forms of chat would be enough. Should not be that tricky I guess.

And seeing the other rides is fine. Otherwise it would become too boring.

(Mark Hewitt) #4

You can switch the chat off from the in game menu. 

Using the TT bike means you can’t draft (I assume that’s what you mean by ‘wind shadow’. You don’t get powerups with the TT bike either.

(Thomas Walland) #5

Yup, but you still have the chat on your mobile phone if you use the app.

I never thought that the game is that heavily affected by the choice of the bike. Actually I did not consider any impact of the bike on the course in general - I thought that is just visual stuff, not actually physical.

Good to know, but I think this should be made more clear from the UI and maybe some more documentation per bike.

(Mark Hewitt) #6

On the app choose the icon at the top left then settings, then notifications, then toggle group messages to off.

A lack of documentation and a decent website is one of my gripes with Zwift. We shouldn’t have to rely on conjecture and fan ‘manuals’ as good as they are.

(L Read) #7

Try Netathlon - you can ride along with avatars made up of your previous performances or pc generated “smart” pacers. Drafting can be turned off. There is no chat option. You will also rarely if ever see another live rider on their platform. You can also ride offline with just pc generated pacers and you previous performance avatars.  It can be set to be a very austere indoor virtual cycling experience. 

(... david (aka "setuid")) #8

I’ve got a mode in my ZwiftConfigurator that applies a few firewall rules to filter out the other riders on the course, so you only ever see yourself, nobody else on the leaderboards, no chat, just you. I used to call that mode “LoneWolf”, but now I’m calling it “ApocaZwift” :D 

There are several benefits to using the firewall rules (for now, until/unless Zwift comes up with a “Single-User” mode), but the biggest one is that you can still use the machine for other Internet/networked roles, such as gathering mail, watching Netflix movies, streaming music, browsing the web, etc.

Start with this, and tweak to meet your needs: 

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Single User Zwift" dir=out action=block program="C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\ZwiftApp.exe" 
 description="Set Zwift to run in Single User Mode (no network, no public riders)" enable=yes localip=, remoteip= remoteport=3022 protocol=udp

(L Read) #9

How about a step by step for us non-coders? BTW , can others see you even though you dont see them?

(Thomas Walland) #10

You can do all of that as described above, but this is not something a non-technical user can easily reproduce.

Basically using the Time-Trial bike is doing what I was mainly asking for, but was is sad that it is nowhere documented (or at least not easily discoverable) how a bike affects the parameters of the game. I thought its just for the visual appearance, but it changes how the game is played and this should be indicated.