Unfinished stage of tour of watopia

My laptop died when i was 900m from completing stage 3 of TOW. Is there a way I can complete the stage or do I have to ride the whole thing again?

Hi @Rob_Angell

That is not fun that the laptop died so close to the line. :sob:

I don’t think Zwift will be able to credit you with the stage. The good news is you still have time and you can do the race or the shorter one and you will get double XP again.

Hi Rob!

It’s always sad when things like this happen, but we understand.

Send us an email to Support@Zwift.com and we’ll see what we can do for you. Since your laptop died, you may need to upload the .fit file to Strava and send us the Strava link as well. You can find the .fit file following these directions. Once you’ve uploaded that to Strava, send us an email explaining the situation and include the Strava link.

Good luck with the rest of ToW,

Ride On!

PS: Almost forgot, there is a chance the .fit file will be corrupt and unable to be uploaded. If that is the case, you may be able to use .fit file tools to repair the file, then upload it.

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