Uneven pedalling with same gradient

Hi, I am riding Zwift for some years now, and never had any problem. Recently, however, there has appeared an issue: When riding for example climbing a KOM with 9 % of gradient, there is an uneven pedaling, sometimes harder, and all over sudden easier while the screen still is marking 9 %. Something similar happens … happens downhill: same gradient, but suddenly it becomes harder, then again easier. Could you tell me the reason of this problem? I think the wifi is strong enough because I use to hear music via Internet while riding on Zwift. I would appreciate a quick response

Please provide (a lot) more information about your set up, and how you are connecting to Zwift.

I am riding on a Tacx Flux2 S trainer with connected to a lapptop with the support of an USB ANT Antenna. This has worked fine so far…

Have you tried calibrating your trainer using the Tacx Utility App?

Maybe there is something wrong with the trainer - do you have another app that you could use to check if the problem is specific to Zwift or appears also with other apps?

No, I have not because I do not know what that actually is and how this has to be carried out, but I’ll try to find out. Thanks for the suggestion

If you’re using a platform that provides access to log files (not Apple TV) then you could upload the log to zwiftalizer.com and see if there are significant interruptions in the ANT+ signal. A low level of ANT+ RxFail is OK - it will never be zero.

WiFi should not be an issue here. You can ride with no WiFi at all. (Music streaming is buffered so that’s not an indication that it’s not interrupted.)

in settings, what position is the slider for “trainer difficulty” ?
if set to 100% (all the way to the right) - just bcos gradient says x%, there can still be small variations in resistance, although wouldn’t expect it to require you to change gear or anything (unless u r alrdy bang on the limit)

if you are getting spikes where you suddenly spin out, could indicate that your “controllable” is losing wireless connectivity briefly…