Unemployed badge condition of 'A Lap'

It would be great if the unemployed badge showed the condition of what constitutes “a lap”. Recently I had done 16 days in a row, but there was 1 day which only had 8.6k’s clocked, and whilst expecting the badge it didn’t come.

I got in contact with support about what “a lap” meant. I never really did get an absolute answer, and I ended up being awarded the badge earlier today which actually doesn’t make sense (if it were 10k/d I should’ve recieved it in another 3/4 days).

Anyway, this is a really cosmetic and easy fix that would clear up what ‘A lap’ is.

I’m sure most people look up the badges online before achieving them anyway (given there are extra credit ones), so could learn what the condition is for it.

Thanks so much

The Watopia Hilly Route should count as a lap, since that was the only lap available when that text was written. Who knows what else may count?

I recall when I was going for this badge some time ago a lap was considered a minimum of 10km on any course. That said I ensured I did 1 complete lap of whatever the course of the day was and that I did a minimum of 10km. The award came on the 15th day when I started Zwift not after the completion of the 14th ride.

IIRC when I got this badge I was doing one lap per day of Volcano Circuit, just 4k. As long as the virtual lap counter incremented, I was okay. I could be misremembering, tho.


So, I’ve done rides under 20 minutes and 10km and have the badge. In every case I did a selected route which had an achievement I hadn’t yet unlocked and rode until I got the badge. I think therefore, that completing a course constitutes a lap, which could be as short as Volcano Circuit.