Undo button for accidentally joining an event

So here I was, with a good chunk of neokyo badge hunt Stage 4 already done, when I accidentally clicked join the next event: Stage 1. :pleading_face:🤦:exploding_head:

So neither badge nor new gear for me. As expected, of course. But still. What the Zwift! :rage:

I’m sure you can understand the frustration. Was hoping to do stages 4, 1, 2 today but end up completing the short stage 1 and leaving for the day. :triumph:

I’d like to have an undo button that is displayed say 1 minute or so that if someone accidentally pressed join we can return to previous event. In fact, this could be on the new route as well as in main screen: this way if someone leaves or crashes the app they can reopen zwift and return to where they were.

Of course this needs a short time limit like 1 minute on route; or 3 to 5 minutes on main screen.

Neokyo Stage 4 is roughly 30K long 300M high but imagine it’s a much longer route. I’d prefer it if small things like this, which are important, are fixed than getting new routes. Though that’s my point of view, I’m sure there are others.