Under 16 paying for membership

I’ve only just found that under 16’s don’t have to pay for membership. I think when my son joined it was only free for under 13’s. He’s now 15. How can I switch him to a free membership? I was about to fill out the parent consent form but he won’t want a new membership as he’s got to level 26.

You will need to contact Zwift Support https://zwift.com/contact-us

Thanks was hoping there was an easier way as they must be overloaded

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You could submit the forum and make sure you use the same email address they are already using.

Right now Zwift has extra staff for setting up child accounts so I’m sure they will work with you to get the issue resolved.

FYI - Same issue. Submitted a form. Kind of a bummer he can’t ride now. He just got locked out last night. He is only 13 and has been a member since he was 11. Note: this was posted from his account.