Unable to swap to start corral

Hey everyone, today when I clicked to join the race, it would not put me in the start corral but just kept me right where I was on course.

I restarted the app multiple times and my computer and it kept happening.

Was this a glitch in this particular race for everyone trying to get into the race or is this something wrong on my end?

Hoe long before the start did you click “join Race”

What is the software version of Zwift?

Gerrie, thanks for your response. I joined about 25 mins or so maybe more originally, but then restarted the app within ten minutes three times. I also restarted my computer and still it didn’t take me to the corral. I usually join the race about that early, but this may have been a bit earlier.

I race on zwift basically every day and I’ve never manually downloaded new software. But from time to time it says it’s downloading new software after I login.

So the “join race” never showed on the screen.

This Sometimes happen when you Pick a race from the companion app while in the start menu.

If you don’t see the join race, open the companion app, and un select the race and re select it should show “join race”

Gerrie, the join race did appear each time. Each time I clicked on it the screen would shift as if I was going to the corral but just left me where I was. It then gave me the standings of the race but I wasn’t in the corral and the race hadn’t started and I was able to pedal.

That is weird. Check if your Zwift app is up to the latest version.

Hi Seth, the exact same thing happened to me yesterday. I even had a riders nearby list showing me names and categories of riders in the event, except I was still out in the open world instead of being teleported to the start pen.

Zwift support blamed the ping to the servers. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about the fact I live in Europe and the servers are in the US.

James, wild! So you were able to get information from Zwift directly? I wonder if it was the same race as I had trouble. Would’ve been 10pm in GB or 11pm in EU. The watopia hilly race.