Unable to reconnect Bluetooth HRM in Android 14

This may be an Android problem or even just something specific to my hardware, but if my Bluetooth HRM disconnects, I can’t pair it again through the pairing screen. I only have one device running Android 14 and it doesn’t happen under Android 13. Issue can be reproduced as follows:

Connect all devices as usual and start a ride
Take off HRM and wait for the “Connection Failure” message
Put HRM back on, go to pairing screen, select Heart Rate. My HRM is shown with normal signal strength but if I try to select it, I just go back to the main pairing page with no device connection shown under Heart Rate.

I see various reports elsewhere of Bluetooth issues with Android 14 but it’s odd that Zwift will see the device but not let me connect to it. I would however certainly put it down to my particular hardware (or its Android build) if it can’t be reproduced.