Unable to join run event in Tri academy

Looking for some advice as I’ve tried to join the Tri academy run race on two different occasions now and have failed both times.
I joined via companion app on iPhone well in advance.
I started running on the treadmill 10 minutes before the race was due to start and connected to zwift with no problems - heart rate monitor and foot pod connected.
However, the option to join event didn’t materialise. It said I. The top right corner that my event was starting soon and that I was going, but I couldn’t join.
Never had an issue on the turbo, but have never managed to get it to join events on the treadmill.

What am I doing wrong?

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Same issue for me. I’ve joined cycling events fine, but the run event I had joined didn’t ‘start’ for me. I was left running alone as the start time ticked by.


Fixed the issue for me: it was the wifi where I was using the treadmill. (all my successful event joins had been at home with better wifi). I fixed it by disconnecting from the venue wifi and connecting to my phone’s hotspot so I could Zwift using 4G data instead. Worked a treat! So relieved!


Was just about to post the same.
Dodgy WiFi connection at the sports centre!