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Hi there -

Today I intended to do the 4:10 PM PDT Tour For All Stage 5 Race. I signed up via the companion ~30 minutes before the event, and I got the reminder 15 minutes out. I was on Zwift pre-riding ~20 minutes before the event.

The join event option never popped up on either device. I restarted PC Zwift, I restarted Companion, I left and rejoined the event in companion. I then left the event again in PC Zwift, and it kept offering “join” in the upper-right column of events, but clicking it wouldn’t actually do anything. Finally the race started and it was too late.

The only reason I can think of for this was that I’d already done the race once - is there a limit on riding each map once? I’ve done both “short” and “long” versions of the other rides, but not tried the same one twice…this was the first time.


…and now this appears to be happening with this event too…guess I’m not racing this today either. Help, Zwift?

You mention that your signed up through ZC ~30 minutes before, and then got a reminder 15 minutes beforehand. Where did you get this reminder? And you say you were on Zwift warming up about 20 minutes before the event. So I would think you should have seen the ‘Join Event’ button in the lower left corner or the screen, as well as received some notices through the Companion app. (Provided of course that you had signed up in the ZC app before actually starting Zwift.)

Also, after you left and joined the event in ZC and in the game, you mention that you had the ‘join’ option in the list in the upper right of the screen. In one of the most frustrating (for people new to Zwift) UI options, you have to select that you want to join the event (as well as which category, if there are multiple), you then have to select ‘Ride’ at the bottom of the screen, at which time Zwift should put you into the game with the ‘Join event’ button in the lower left corner. You can’t actually join directly from the selection screen.

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Hi @John_Langrish

You need to be in the game and riding, then you will see a join event in the bottom left corner.


If this “Join Event” button had popped up, I wouldn’t have written any of this message. I’ve done ~25 races/events on Zwift so far, and it’s always worked before.

It turns out today, that message DID pop up - after I wrote my second message, but just before the race started. What is the timing it’s supposed to appear? Yesterday I was riding from ~20 minutes before right until the start time (and the companion said “race started” in the event listing) and it never popped up.

It pop up from 30 minutes before the start.

When selecting a event do it before opening Zwift or while you are riding. Don’t do it while on the start screens.

I just had the exact issue yesterday. All set to join the race.
Yes, within the 30 minute time frame, event was starting in about 10 minutes. And yes, I’m taking about the blue JOIN EVENT button on the bottom left side in-game (above the orange one)
I tried signing up or the event with multiple options:

  • zwift.com/events
  • companion app
  • in game before riding
    Everything I tried, the blue ‘Join Event ‘ button never appeared.
    Funny thing, I tried with my wife’s account on that same event. The button was shown in-game after signing up for the event.
    So clearly a bug with some accounts…
    PS: now it works again on my account, BUT there’s an issue with it - after searching on the forums, multiple users complained about this issuse.

Sounds identical to my experience. It happened again to me a couple days after my original post - except the button did pop up at the very last minute or two before the event. Since then it’s been fine for me.

Hi John,
I don’t know if this is of any help, but using the companion app on my phone I would un-tick the event and then re-click on the event, possibly going to the main companion app screen and back to the event page before trying to rejoin the event in question. (you could try closing the companion app totally before trying again)

If you are not using the companion app on your phone it is worth setting up in my opinion.
Hope that helps.

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Please see my original post which references using the companion app and doing as suggested.

ok sorry John.

I have the same problem. I tried to join 2 races today. The join option never appears. Tried restarting etc.

Hi @Johan_Norberg

Welcome to the forum.

did you follow all the instructions in this thread. ?

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