unable to join events

(Per-Christian Barholm [OneLove]) #1

hi all,

So i have this issue. The last 3 races ive entered i havent been sent to the start line automatically. Ive tried “signing” up on the mobile app, at the start screen after pairing.

Runnin an iMac On Sierra v10.12.1 with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB G.card.
My LAN has 80 mbps fiber line so internet shouldnt be an issue.

Anybody else had this issue?

(Jason K) #2

This is likely network issues, so I’d recommend making sure you have a solid connection. If you’re running on WiFi, make sure you have more than a couple bars - and if that doesn’t apply, submit a ticket via https://bit.ly/zwiftsupport so we can see your logs.