Unable to get up to everyone's average speed

My weight is 77kg, height is 170cm. Using Giant’s roller which isn’t responsive one for data transmission so just using Ant+ in my rear tire. But the problem is, my speed in Zwift seems extremely slow so every riders pass me no matter how hard I may pedal. I can’t seem exceed 0.5kw no matter how hard I try…

My usual speed outside is around 25-30km/h so I believe I am not quite slow rider.

Appreciate your advice on this serious issue.


Hi Takashi - exactly what model Giant trainer do you have?  I can see that you are pairing as the Cyclotron Fluid, but if you have a different trainer than that it would explain the inaccurate readings.   If your specific Giant trainer isn’t listed, you’re better off choosing “trainer not listed”.   Another thing the may cause this is if you are receiving ANT+ dropouts.  We’ve written a great article outlining what may cause this 


If you’re still having problems, open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you further.