Unable to get badge for Two Village Loop

Why does the Two Village Loop on Makuri Islands always spawn your rider just after the lap banner - and I do mean JUST after, like a matter of metres? It means that you can’t get the badge for the course unless you are willing to ride two laps.

I’ve ridden a few times and haven’t yet got the badge, even though Strava tells me I’ve matched the segment. I even tried pulling a U-turn, going through the lap banner, U-turning again and then riding the course (and the game did keep me on the correct route, including the loops around the villages), but still no badge at the end of it.

That sounds strange. I got it by only doing one lap.

Check out my activity on Strava: 14.0 km Mountain Bike Ride on May 22, 2021 by Gerrie D. on Strava

My spawn point was pretty much where yours was (I even quit and restarted my ride a few times to see if I could get any further back - answer, no I couldn’t) but no badge: 9.2 mi Ride Activity on July 4, 2021 by Steven R. on Strava

I have had no problem in picking up other badges on Makuri however. The only thing I can think of is that there’s been an update since the courses were launched that has messed things up for this course - I didn’t do any rides on the new world for a good few weeks after launch and that’s when most people probably got their badges.

At least one of the most recent Watopia routes similarly always spawns you just after the start arch, but there’s no problem with getting the badge with just one lap.

Are you sure you don’t have the badge already?

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Nope, definitely don’t have it - no green tick on the route selector.

In fact it was that update that made me double-check - was looking for a new route to do on Makuri and when I didn’t see the tick on Two Village when I was sure I’d already done it (but saw green ticks on other routes), that’s when I tried it again and made a mental note to check whether I got the achievement or not when I crossed the line. When the banner didn’t come up after one lap, I wondered if it was to do with starting after the line, but perhaps not.

I would tend to suspect that it’s not because of your spawn point, but something else that’s stopping you getting the badge. You definitely didn’t do any manual turns? Could you have had connectivity problems during that ride?

Definitely no manual turns. I know well enough not to interfere with them when chasing badges.

Can’t rule out connectivity problems, although I didn’t notice any - there were always other riders on screen. But then even if I did have some brief network issue, the chances of that happening on multiple attempts of that course each on separate days, whilst at the same time not having any problems doing the Kappa Quest or Flatland Loop badges, seems incredibly small.

Next time I try the course I will record the footage and see if anyone can spot something that I’m missing. But that probably won’t be for a month now as my subscription has expired.

We had this issue a few years ago.

You should spawn behind the arch so you ride through it to start the lap.

If you spawn in front of the arch… Check by looking behind you…

Just start cycling then do a U Turn. Go through the arch, then I Turn again… Go through the arch to start your lap.

It’s so easy. :+1::+1:

Except - two things.

First, he said he’s already tried that.

Second, there’s already a precedent with the Ocean Lava Cliffside Looo route in Watopia where you usually get spawned on the “wrong” side of the arch, yet doing one lap is enough for the badge even though you didn’t pass the start arch.

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