Ultrawide bug

Thanks for updating to improve support for ultrawide monitors, and I appreciate that you’ve fixed the squashed snapshot on the app too.  I noticed a bug though.

See the white leaderboard on the left?  The black arrows are repeated to the right of that leaderboard.

Ditto on the thanks – moving the side panels makes a huge difference in my enjoyment of my curved widescreen monitor.  But I see the duplicate black arrows as well.  They come and go; sometimes I see the leaderboard without the two sets of arrows, but most times they are present when the leaderboard is present.  I have leaderboard display set to “auto”, running Ultra 4K mode, Windows 10 PC, Nvidia 1080ti graphics card.

It would be nice to have the ability to turn the leaderboard off.  Sometimes I ride just to relax and am not interested in times.