Ultra Graphics Settings

(Jamie Pickr'ing) #21

Peter Lethbridge - does the MacBook Pro with Radeon 460 unlock Ultra at 1080p, or a higher level?

(Peter Lin) #22

you’re going to need a card that has 8G of memory to get Ultra. The previous card I used was radeon with 4G and it didn’t support ultra.

(Jamie Pickr'ing) #23

For what it’s worth, the new MBP 15 with Radeon 460 can run on the laptop display at 1440p with graphics profile High. FPS run at ~30.


(Nick LaVeaux) #24

Hi guys, in case you missed the “What’s New on Zwift” update (3/1), graphics profiles have been added for GTX 1050, 1050Ti and Titan X (Pascal). 

(N Scot) #25

Stumbled on this by accident. What a great thread. Thought I was doing ok on my 2014 retina MacBook Pro but didn’t realize there were settings in an reach with better graphics.

I’m currently looking at getting a dedicated desktop of some sort just for Zwift. Some have the GTX 1050 in them that I’m looking at (non Ti).
Will 2Gb versions of these paired to an i3 or i5 enable the best settings folks?
And if they do how good a TV is needed to then make good use of it?


(Peter Lin) #26

@martin, that depends the monitor resolution. i am running a 2K asus at 2650x1440. I could be wrong, but ultra with 2K or 4K monitor will need atleast 6G memory

(Ryan Werk [X] - WBR B) #27

Got a 1060 with 3gb hooked up to 55inch 4k on ultra settings fine. That being said computer blue screened on a race today but think it’s some sort of driver issue.

(Peter Lin) #28

@Ryan - cool, I didn’t realize you could run Ultra on a card with only 3G. My old radeon with 4G couldn’t run Ultra.

(Craig Nowak) #29

After the 3/1 Update (1.0.16739), my GTX 1050 Ti is now running Ultra detail at 2160p. On a 60" TV. it looks fantastic! I’m amazed at how much more detail has been unlocked.

It definitely runs the card a lot harder. Before, I was pegged at 60fps (the limit of my TV), and now it’s generally running between about 35 and 45fps (I’ve never seen it dip below 30). I’m bumping the thermal limit a bit (82C), as I have the low-profile version of the card, and a tiny HTPC case with no case fans, so a full size 1050 Ti would probably run a touch faster. 

35 to 45 fps seems quite acceptable to me, especially on a TV that doesn’t have an especially fast response time compared to a good monitor. The only artifact I see is a bit of strobing in the white texture in the road. Not an issue for me, as I’m looking farther up when I’m riding.

Many thanks to the developers for unlocking this!

(N Scot) #30

@peter lin and all - extra replies helpful. Ta. Who’d have thought doing some indoor training at $10/m would result in me looking at ‘needing’ new kit and monitor. LOL.

So as I read it, my current ‘high’ setting is pretty good on my MBP. But sounds like a desktop with a decent 1050 GPU and a monitor that goes 2k would be fantastic.
In meantime feels like simply hooking up MBP to an old 33" Bravia at 1080 will have to do.

(Craig Nowak) #31

@Martin Walker - I hear you about the all-in cost of Zwift! :slight_smile: The TV I may have bought anyway, but the GPU was definitely just for Zwift.

Zwift should setup some affiliate sales links, as I’m sure they’re driving GPU and monitor/TV sales!

(Peter Lin) #32

I just double checked my old workstation which has MSI Radeon R7 370 DirectX 12 R7 370 GAMING 4G 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5. It ran High settings just fine. My current set up is running a Gigabyte 1070 with 8GB. I have it set to 4K UHD and it barely makes a dent :slight_smile:


I built the rig to do deeplearning with GPU/CUDA acceleration. Zwift at 4K setting was just the bonus.

(N Scot) #33

@Craig Nowak - absolutely. Actually I wouldn’t have even been thinking ‘another desktop’ if it wasn’t for Zwift (though it could be useful having a dedicated Win device again shock horror). Only when this came along did I realise my old 32" TV wasn’t gonna be ‘good enough’ after all.
Now on hunt for a decent but not ott rig as my old Antecedent boxes won’t cut it here.

(Fiona Walker(TeamODZ)) #34

Ok - after a week of checking this out - I’d love to have a 4k screen, but that’s not going happen I don’t think (so the therefore mean can’t get full Ultra anyway - is that correct?)

So if going for 2k (which I think is 2560x1440?) then that means won’t need as much leading edge hardware?

Zwift folks - will an i3 6100 CPU with 8Gb RAM, and 1050Ti (2Gb) or 1060 (3Gb) mean 2k will be easily achieved ?

And if a 4K screen was then achievable would the same hardware achieve full 3860x2500 aswell?

(B. Koekkoek ZZRC PACK (C)) #35

An i3 CPU with a GTX1060 GPU will easily do 30 fps for Zwift at 3840 x 2160. As Zwift is not a “action game” where every frame counts this is enough to enjoy Zwift at it’s highest settings. Zwift performance relies more on a powerfull GPU than CPU. 

See also https://zwiftalizer.com/benchmarks for comparison.

(N Scot) #36

@B.Koekkoek - thanks - I’ll go look at zwiftalizer.com and see what I can learn from there aswell.   Currently leaning towards spending the money on a 1060, but not investing as heavily in CPU or other kit - just get it up and running.

(David Morgan ZHR (F)) #37

I’m sure a 1060 will give you 4K resolution and Ultra graphics even with a gen 6 i3 CPU. I’ve just bought an Alienware and opted for i5 - the 8400 - with 1060 6GB and it’s typically at 60 fps, which is the monitor limit. If I turn off v-sync I can see the card is managing about 75 fps. Occasional drops to 58 or 59 fps but not seen anything lower. It doesn’t seem to be using all the video card RAM, so the 3GB 1060 is probably equally good for Zwift.