UK laptops

 Thinking of joining Zwift. I am aware of minimum spec requirements but this suggests a gaming laptop circa £800


Any suggestions from Currys?

The cheapest way to get into Zwift is to use your existing iPad or iPhone. If you don’t have this, or want a bigger screen, you can try an Apple TV for £149 and connect it to your TV.

Whilst I don’t use this myself, so can’t talk about the pros and cons over a laptop, it definitely is cheaper that a full on gaming laptop.

Remember you cant import custom workouts to Apple TV. 

I just got a used gaming PC (not laptop) and made it my dedicated Zwift station.

While I am not in the UK, I did the same as Gerrie. I took the specs from Tacx and Zwift and went to one of those used computer shops that buy used computers from companies and refurbish them. A good cpu and graphics card with an HDMI output is all you need. It is used for training only.