UI interface error - overlaping feed

I have seen several times that det event countdown timer is behind the ranking list for sprints and climbs.

I do not know wher to report the error, so im trying here.

Ride on !

Hi @Daniel_Hofnaren91_TT Is this happening on a specific device? Have you tried the Heads Ups Display (HUD) feature? If you’d like to continue troubleshooting your specific situation, please contact us at zwift.com/contact-us

I’ve seen this recently on a 2021 MacBook Pro using a 4K external display

This on PC.
Not using anything other than PC.

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What is the resolution and aspect ratio of your display? I wonder if there’s a pattern there.

I’m using a ViewSonic VP2785 16:9 display in 4K resolution

If i remember correct then im using 3440x 1440. So thats a 21:9 ratio

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