Uh..We race so we can see results. Zwift should make them available

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The reason people race is to see how they stack up against others. You don’t make the leaderboard available post race. I get it you make it available IMMEDIATELY after the race but that is insufficient. After the race we’re exhausted. Also, if we’re training properly we should be focused on cooling down not staring at a leaderboard and trying to dissect where we finish within our category etc. Please add this to the next update. We should be able to retrench our results later in the day or week to evaluate our result/progress if we’re truly going to use Zwift as a training product.

Thank you,

John Adelsperger

Never hear of www.Zwiftpower.com? This is the site where you review your results after the race. This is the place where the raceorganizers apply their rules to the results and put´s everyone in the results.


We also have a guide on how to connect your account with Zwift Power: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/how-to-fully-connect-to-zwift-power-HyxPkCkSQ


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