UCI Worlds Race Live/Replay

Zwift has already created two courses in conjunction with the UCI Road World Championships (2015 and 2018). How amazing would it be for you guys to add live runs and/or replays of those races to the courses as an event?

For example, during the road race (live), Zwift partners with someone like Velon to control ~200 NPC riders as they race around the road course, mimicking what the real life UCI cyclists are doing. That way, Zwift users could get a more immersive experience during the road race, by being able to “race alongside” or just try to hang on with the world’s best over the course.

Later, that rider data could be used to replay the race over the Zwift course, so users can try their hand at different moments during the race, etc.

Worth it?

This is a great idea Nate Altom!!

Zwift will take over the world with this type of feature added to its already awesome platform!

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