UCI Fan Kit how to get?

Hi Forum.

I have read the announcement about the UCI World Championship week and the UCI Fan Kit on Sunday.
It said “Finish any of the events and you will get a kit”. So I planned my week of cycling with a Race today.

Now only today when reading the race description I see it says " Finish one race AND ONE ITT to get the kit".

there are no TT scheduled any more.
Is there any way to correct that mishap and still get the kit? I am ready for more cycling and more competition, but I cannot reverse time…

Too bad I saw it only now, as yesterday I made a silly stupid recovery ride.

FWIW: I have don’t ONLY the TT, and I received the kit. So I would suggest just doing one of the road races and see if you get the kit, also. It’s also possible that Zwift will add some additional TTs over the weekend.

I also just did one TT and have the kit.