UCI eSports World Championships - Destined for success?

The UCI has confirmed it will create an eSports World Championships and draw up rules for virtual cycling races, for digital platforms such as Zwift.

  • Will an eSports World Championships rival the likes of the IRL (In Real Life) event?
  • Is Zwift capable of delivering an eSports World Championship?
  • Is an eSports World Champs financially viable?

Below, you’ll find answers to these questions, the opinions of professional riders and the UCI president on virtual bike racing, the advantages and problems of eSports virtual bike racing and current eSport bike races :slightly_smiling_face:

I started reading it Chris, but I find the font you’ve used really hard to read so I gave up.

I think that must be a relatively recent change because I’ve read your blog in the past with no problem. Generally speaking I don’t think serif fonts work well on the Web at small sizes.

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Daren, have another look at the article. I’ve changed the base font and I reckon it is easier to read.

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Yeah I think that’s much better! Will read it after dinner. :smiley:

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