U13 messaging disabled with 12/15 update agree or disagree

in this update, messaging has been disabled for U13 age group. this has now caused issues with my son of 12 riding on Zwift. He rides in the PACK and youth coaching session for riders U16 group rides.  both group rides use messaging to giving instructions.

By disabling messages both of these ride are know useless.

I’m all for protecting the young but at least allow messaging to be enabled in organised group events or at least give the decision to the parent to allow messaging to be enabled or not e.g. Have a tick box in the riders profile or have a widow pop up when you log into Zwift to ride with messaging enabled or disable yes/no

I would be interested in your thoughts

Probably no help to you, but I do support what you are asking for.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by the lack of negative messages I see when riding in Zwift, even with the filter disabled. I have never seen one derogatory or insult, and I only noted one occasion where a politically incorrect was typed (all in Caps, probably by one of the said U13’s).

I also understand it is the internet and protections can be required. Best of luck with your issue. It is great your son is involved in such a great life-long hobby.