Two users, one network.

(Alan Thompson WBR (B)) #1

 Both me and my wife use Zwift.  When we first joined in Jan 2017 we could both train at the same time.  We have separate turbo trainers, separate laptops and separate accounts but we both logged on across the same internet account.  Everything was fine, we could enter the same events and ride with each other.  This facility seemed to disappear about July 2017.  If we try to do it now, one of us won’t be placed in the event and will end up riding on their own.  And I mean on their own, there will be no other users shown at all.  The other riders list on the right hand side of the screen will be empty and you won’t see or pass another rider.  At first we thought this may be a hardware issue but I re checked all the laptop specs and the internet connection speed and all is fine.

As we work very similar hours and train together a lot this is causing problems i.e. I’m here typing and my wife is training :-((

Has anyone else got a solution to this problem?

(Preben Jorgensen [DBR]) #2

Hi Alan
It’s actually interesting that you and your wife had this problem since July when you are riding at the same time/event. I don’t have an overall solution and hope Zwift is working on the issue (I’ll bet they are).
You or your wife could use a mobile internet hotspot as connection when you both are riding at the same time. That way you will not use the same connection and you should be able to zwift together.

(Steve Ellis) #3

Alan: same story here, except that we’ve tried two simultaneous users (with two accounts) from home only once, last month. We had more or less the same experience. I’ve filed a support ticket.

(Mark McDougall (ZBR) (WBR-D)) #4

I wonder what would happen if one of you connected via VPN?

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #5

From a technical perspective, this doesn’t make any sense.  Each laptop should establish it’s own, independent, connection to Zwift … the same way that a browser connects to a web site. 

The only thing I can think that might cause the two laptops to conflict is if Zwift was tracking the IP address that the connections are made from.  I’m assuming you are using a ISP provided gateway to connect to the internet (in which case both laptops connections would come from the same IP address).

I’m very curious as to what is causing the issue.


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(Mark McDougall (ZBR) (WBR-D)) #6

Hence my suggestion of using a VPN on one connection…

(Josie (Zwift HQ)) #7

Hi Alan,

We’ve got a ticket in our system for you which has since closed. If you are still experiencing the issues, I would suggest replying to that e-mail and sending us your logs. Thanks!

(Jeremy Carroll) #8

I’m curious if this has been resolved? My wife is planning on getting a turbo trainer and this was one plan – riding on separate accounts with separate devices at the same time.